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Family vacation and the 10 TOP recommendations for YOU from BIO Stefan® against the preparation stress

Family vacation and the 10 TOP recommendations for YOU from BIO Stefan® against the preparation stress

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Vacation with the family can be very stressful even before departure - when it comes to preparing and packing, parents get in a bad mood weeks before. With our tips you have everything under control.

Summer is slowly arriving in Austria and many families are preparing for the long-awaited vacations. As nice as the anticipation is: Quite a few mothers and fathers are certainly groaning again when they think of the stress that seems to inevitably precede every trip.

Here we of BIO Stefan® think also of you and want to help you to the well-deserved summer vacation. First of all, it is important to remember that your garbage cans remain storm-proof and safe from vandalism, theft or external disposal. For this you find the suitable Blog contribution in our Blog range under news: Garbage ton of the wind blown - and walkers dispose the garbage in it - which do? BIO Stefan

Kidsaway has collected ten valuable tips for you on how to avoid or at least minimize last-minute hectic before the vacation trip.

For kidsaway's top 10 recommendations click here: CLICK

You wonder how it came to the name BIO stefan?

It all began on a beautiful evening in the summer of 2019. In green surroundings, the best mood and philosophizing about modern living disturbed only one thing - the trash can. Ugly, smelly and designed purely for functionality. The question quickly arose: isn't there a better solution? A look around the neighborhood didn't paint a better picture. Everywhere garbage cans, free-standing, crammed, ugly. The idea was quickly born - a trash can box with an attractive, modern design and maximum functionality.

Not just for us - for anyone with high standards.

In the same year we decided to found a company and turn our idea into reality. What started in 2020 in a small garage with only 18 m2 has grown into a company with four employees plus the founders Erwin and Andreas. Today we are working on our dream on more than 1200 m2 - to banish visually unappealing, smelly garbage cans from the streetscape. Our product range has meanwhile expanded to other outdoor & living areas. Our products and above all the feedback from our customers motivate us to stick to our philosophy. We sell our BIO Stefan® products in the meantime in the entire German-speaking area and beyond that into neighboring countries such as Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France or the Balkan countries.

The BIO Stefan team wishes you much success and fun in the shopping experience and is happy to advise you in the selection of the appropriate elegant trash can lining, from BIO Stefan from Austria! Buy garbage can boxes, directly on www.bio-stefan.at

 BIO Stefan wishes everyone a wonderful Thursday and a relaxing weekend😇

Friendly strong greetings from the steel city wishes you the team of BIO Stefan.

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