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You won't believe the items everyone throws in the wrong garbage can

You won't believe the items everyone throws in the wrong garbage can

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It's Wednesday: Half of the week at BIO Stefan Mülltonnenboxen is over, so we're celebrating Bergfest, so to speak. BIO Stefan reveals here how you can get through the remaining days and stay motivated.

Two more days, then it's finally the weekend again. But of course, the last two days can sometimes be quite tiring and exhausting. How does BIO Stefan stay fit and focused at work anyway? Germans are considered waste separation professionals. Nevertheless, there are always misjudgments, especially when it comes to deciding between the waste paper garbage can and the residual waste garbage can.

Plastic into plastic waste, paper into paper waste. Waste separation is actually quite simple. However, some throwaway rules are not very clear.

1. cash receipts into the paper waste

You might think that paper is paper. But that's not quite right: although sales slips look like paper at first glance, they are actually made of what is known as thermal paper. This coated material cannot be recycled like normal paper and should end up in the residual waste.

2. pizza box into the paper waste

People who order pizza usually just dispose of the cardboard in the paper trash. Cardboard is made of paper, after all. That's right, but the pizza box has a catch: it's usually soiled with food. If dirt gets into the waste paper, it can no longer be recycled. So off it goes into the residual waste!

3. frozen cartons into the paper waste

If you now think you have done everything right with the clean cardboard of the frozen pizza in the waste paper, you are also wrong. Although the carton is not soiled, frozen food cartons are usually coated with plastic or metal. The coated cartons can also not be processed in the paper waste and belong in the yellow garbage can or the residual waste.

4. baking paper into the paper waste

The same applies to baking paper. Although it does not contain plastic, it is also specially coated. The coating prevents baking paper from dissolving in water. This means that it cannot be recycled in the paper waste and must be disposed of in the residual waste.

5. handkerchiefs in the paper trash

Last but not least, used handkerchiefs do not belong in paper waste, as they contain all kinds of bacteria and viruses. People come into contact with them during organic and paper waste processing, whereas residual waste is incinerated. Therefore, the latter is also the right place to dispose of handkerchiefs.

 Source: https://www.focus.de/wissen/praxistipps/muell-richtig-trennen-kassenbons-backpapier-und-pizzakartons-wirft-fast-jeder-in-die-falsche-tonne_id_8923562.html


Conclusion: BIO Stefan metal trash can boxes are elegant, aesthetic, corrosion-resistant and robust, and there is something for every budget. Simply perfect 😊


BIO Stefan wishes everyone a wonderful Wednesday week divider!!!

Friendly strong greetings from the steel city wishes you the team of BIO Stefan.

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