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BIO Stefan

Warranty & Guarantee Conditions

Product illustrations do not always have to match the appearance of the delivered products. We shall fulfill warranty claims of the customer in the event of a remediable defect at our discretion either by replacement, repair within a reasonable period or price reduction. In the case of an exchange, the replacement part will be shipped free of charge. The exchange itself is to be carried out by the customer at his own expense.

Claims for damages by the customer aimed at rectifying the defect can only be asserted if Bizibits Sales GmbH is in default with the fulfillment of the warranty claims. The fulfillment of possible warranty claims is carried out according to the BIO-Stefan warranty conditions. In accordance with §§ 377 f of the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB), the goods must be inspected immediately after delivery, but within 6 working days at the latest. Defects discovered in the course of such inspection shall be notified to us in writing without delay, but no later than 3 working days after their discovery, stating the nature and extent of the defect. Corresponding defects must already have been present at the time of handover.

Bizibits Sales GmbH may request additional photos and evidence for more precise identification from the customer. Hidden defects are to be reported in writing immediately, at the latest, however, within 3 working days after their discovery. If a notice of defect is not made or not made in time, the goods are considered approved.

All BIO Stefan products are packed in boxes for self-assembly (incl. photo assembly instructions) and are delivered disassembled and not assembled. Please note that there may be minimal color variations in spare parts and reorders due to different material batches.

The following terms and conditions shall apply to the exclusion of any general terms and conditions of the purchaser for all our deliveries and services, including future deliveries and services. Deviating agreements require our express written confirmation and, in case of doubt, shall only apply to the specifically agreed case.

1. duration and commencement of the warranty:

a) The warranty for BIO Stefan garbage can boxes is granted for a period of 24 months.
b) The period begins with the invoice date. Any replacement deliveries do not result in an extension of the warranty period.

2. conditions for the guarantee:

a) The assembly / erection was carried out professionally according to the enclosed assembly instructions.
b) The BIO Stefan dustbin box was used to store dustbins, yellow sacks, etc. and not for any other purpose.
c) The BIO Stefan dustbin box is in the possession of the original purchaser and has not been disassembled and reassembled. The invoice must be presented as proof of warranty

3. content and scope of the warranty:

a) The warranty covers rusting through of sheet metal parts and parts which are demonstrably unusable or considerably impaired in their usability due to faulty design or defective workmanship. These parts shall be repaired or replaced at our discretion.
b) We shall not bear the costs of removal, installation or transport. Replaced parts either become our property or are to be disposed of by the customer.
c) We assume no liability for any consequential damage. 

4.Limitations of the warranty:

a) This warranty does not cover defects which are due to:

  • Transport damage (the carrier is liable for this - please report immediately)
  • external influence or performance, extraordinary natural phenomena (e.g. hail)
  • general assembly errors
  • Foundation defects, lack of water drainage in the soil profile area.
  • unsuitable installation site and/or lack of anchorage
  • Paint damage and scratches, which were not immediately repaired
  • Maintenance errors (e.g. not oiling/greasing the locking clasp and hinges).
  • excessive ambient humidity or aggressive environmental substances (e.g.: aggressive and abrasive cleaning agents, road salt, fertilizers and other chemical substances, ambient air containing salt water and/or sand - sites located within 300 m of the sea coast are excluded from the warranty in any case)
  • Wear (e.g. flap lifter)
  • Color changes, as dyes can change over time

b) This warranty shall expire if the customer is in default of payment or if the defect is not claimed and proven in writing immediately after the damage has been ascertained.

5. other:

The place of performance for all liabilities arising from guarantee obligations is A-4060 Leonding.

The purchaser or a third party cannot derive any further rights from this warranty, in particular no claims for damages of any kind or rights of set-off or retention.