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A dustbin box as safe as Alcatraz - Stahlfred and Holzmichl dustbin boxes lockable as standard for maximum security

A dustbin box as safe as Alcatraz - Stahlfred and Holzmichl dustbin boxes lockable as standard for maximum security

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Often comes the request: "How can we protect our garbage garbage cans from foreign access?". At first glance, this request seems dubious, who steals the garbage in front of your house? Or who should be interested in what food leftovers were disposed of today in the BIO garbage in the garbage can box? Well, the whole thing is not that simple.

On busy roads, tourist zones or busy places in general, the development has been that foreign garbage has always been disposed of in one's own household garbage.

It is not uncommon for people to be surprised when they dispose of their household garbage in the dustbin and are horrified to discover that "yes, that garbage bag lying on top is not ours at all".

To sum up, a trash can box lockable provides extra security for your trash as well as access to your trash can box.

On the front of the boxes for the trash cans are individually and individually opening doors. This allows the garbage cans to be easily and uncomplicatedly pushed into the respective box and also
just as easily removed from it again.

The principle is simple :)
The doors and lids can be locked with the trash can box Stahlfred and Holzmichl ex works with an extra lock and key, no extra charge, all standard.

Thus BIO Stefan Outdoor & Living with the garbage can boxes Stahlfred as well as garbage can box Holzmichl guarantees that unauthorized persons cannot gain access to the garbage cans and thwarts illegal waste disposal in your garbage can. In addition, a lockable system also prevents important documents in the waste paper is safe.

A trash can box lockable is otherwise not fundamentally different from normal trash can boxes, which are not separately lockable. The garbage can box lockable is only still provided with an additional lock between the door and the upper lid or planter. This is the only small difference of a trash can box lockable to other comparable trash can boxes.

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