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Trash can box with folding roof, what else? :)

Trash can box with folding roof, what else? :)

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Garbage boxes with noble wooden inlay a clear favorite. But should it be the retractable roof?
Market competitors usually offer fixed roofs that cannot be opened, the folding roof for an extra charge.
Often there is also a plantable version. But at the end of the day, a decision must be made.
The advantage of a folding roof is quite obvious:
- no laborious pulling out or tipping of the trash can necessary
- garbage is thrown directly from above into the garbage can
- no unnecessary touching of the trash can between collection intervals
- trash can lid opens synchronously with the folding roof thanks to connecting chain

trash can box Holzmichl by BIO Stefan® - THE robust and flexible lockable trash can cover in the appropriate version suitable for your 120l and 240l containers.


You can find the 4-piece trash box from the photo at the following link: https://bio-stefan.at/products/4-240-mulltonnenbox-holzmichl
Closing, blocking, planting and much more. Learn more at www.bio-stefan.at in the webshop.

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