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Show me your green thumb - with planting on your trash can box

Show me your green thumb - with planting on your trash can box

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As we have already described yesterday in our blog post trash can box with folding roof - what else, there are consistently positive aspects that lead to the purchase of a trash can box with folding roof. Mentioned at the outset, many market companions sell only a rigid roof solution in the standard, the hinged lid usually not available at all, and if, then provided with a hefty surcharge.

BIO Stefan's strategy here, however, is different: the folding roof should and must be the absolute standard. Functional, practical, comfortable. Open the hinged lid and the trash can opens as if by magic at the same time with the help of connecting chains.

But enough of that, and the many advantages of a folding roof. How about now, if I have the green thumb and can not get enough of plants? No problem, for this there is the ideal solution: BIO Stefan trash can box with plant structure.

There is no limit to creativity here. From natural plants in granules or soil to a rock garden on the trash can box, everything is possible.

We are into naturalness and growth, accordingly, the planting structure is suitable for flowers, herbs and plants of all kinds. Drainage mat ensures that the greenery always remains healthy. The drainage layer ensures that excess water is drained from under the substrate and is therefore essential for any planting structure of a garbage can box. The excess water is drained off inside the garbage can box.

Bin box Holzmichl from BIO Stefan® - THE robust and flexible lockable garbage can liner in the right design to fit your 120l and 240l bins.

 You can find the 4 garbage can box from the photo at the following link: https://bio-stefan.at/products/4-240-mulltonnenbox-holzmichl
Closing, locking, planting and much more. Learn more at www.bio-stefan.at in the webshop.

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