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What you really need to get SMART through everyday business, reveals BIO Stefan today!

What you really need to get SMART through everyday business, reveals BIO Stefan today!

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Again and again, we are asked which tools we use to get through everyday life efficiently. Every now and then, the day could easily have a few more hours. Especially in times when you're launching a new offer or planning the content for the next few weeks - either for the blog, social media or all of the above. Every now and then, each and every one of us could probably use an extra hour or two.

And because we know this so well on the one hand and on the other hand we are asked again and again which tools we use, we think it's time to introduce you to the three tools that probably save us the most time in our everyday business life. And who knows, maybe there's a new tool for you that has the potential to save you an hour or two?

Tool No. 1 - Onedrive 

The absolute basis for everything and probably generally our very first tool is Onedrive. Before OneDrive for Business is introduced, however, the usage scenarios or usage priorities should be clearly defined, as different follow-up measures can result depending on the usage scenario. Depending on the initial situation, individual usage scenarios can also be introduced at different times.

However, a prerequisite for implementing one or more deployment scenarios based on OneDrive for Business is a technical deployment of OneDrive for Business as part of Office 365 in the company. The steps required for this are:

    Deploying an Office 365 client with sufficient licensing. In particular, I find this joint work and commenting extremely valuable. Instead of sending emails or messages back and forth, there's simply a short comment directly in the documents that everyone can see and which can then be answered quickly and easily directly on the cell phone. Super easy, time-saving and you make sure that everyone is working in the latest version.

So for us, it's hard to imagine life without onedrive. Here is pretty much everything that is important for our work. And of course, MS is always such a thing, especially when it comes to transparency and data protection (especially with the free Drive solutions), and everyone has to decide for themselves whether this can be an option for their own business. We can only say that it makes our lives so much easier that we no longer want to do without it.


Tool No.2 - MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of Microsoft 365 and offers the possibility to chat with people or to make video and audio calls. Through the link with Microsoft Planner, tasks and appointments can be created, which can then be assigned to people and filled with files. The use of Microsoft Teams is particularly recommended for groups that are working on one or more project(s) and, above all, are not located in the same place. Microsoft Teams can also be used to create standard teams that regularly exchange information on the basis of a joint project and want to store notes, attachments, etc. in a central location. 

Tool #3 - Mojo

We are very happy with Mojo, in our daily life we use this app to create videos, distribute content and also sometimes place ads.

You can see that a lot of effort is put into the designs here and there are some really creative minds behind this project.

Makes it really easy to create good Instagram posts! Top!


BIO Stefan® is a young, dynamic company based in Hörsching in Upper Austria.

We - Erwin and Andreas - have made it our business to give trash storage a new look. Visually appealing, with modern design and reasonably priced. Easy to assemble and easy to maintain .

It all began on a beautiful evening in the summer of 2019. In green surroundings, the best mood and philosophizing about modern living disturbed only one thing - the trash can. Ugly, smelly and designed purely for functionality. The question quickly arose: isn't there a better solution? A look around the neighborhood didn't paint a better picture. Everywhere garbage cans, free-standing, crammed, ugly. The idea was quickly born - a trash can box with an attractive, modern design and maximum functionality.

Not just for us - for anyone with high standards.

In the same year we decided to found a company and turn our idea into reality. What started in 2020 in a small garage with only 18 m2 has grown into a company with four employees plus the founders Erwin and Andreas. Today we are working on our dream on more than 1200 m2 - to banish visually unappealing, smelly garbage cans from the streetscape. Our product range has meanwhile expanded to other outdoor & living areas. Our products and above all the feedback from our customers motivate us to stick to our philosophy. We sell our BIO Stefan® products in the meantime in the entire German-speaking area and beyond that into neighboring countries such as Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France or the Balkan countries.

BIO Stefan wishes everyone a wonderful Friday!!!

Friendly strong greetings from the steel city wishes you the team of BIO Stefan.

Buy trash can boxes in the webshop at www.BIO-stefan.at ♻️♻️♻️

Easily organized with high-quality coated and elegant trash can linings 🇦🇹 from BIO Stefan 🏠🏡🏘♻️

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