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Mindfulness against stress, buzz word or necessity, BIO Stefan tells you what

Mindfulness against stress, buzz word or necessity, BIO Stefan tells you what

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Overstimulation by screens, smartphones, moving images in advertising signs, and much more leads to the fact that it is not easy for us to be mindful. In addition, there are the daily complaints such as time pressure, constantly increasing and persistent workload and last but not least, our own demand for a planned perfect life, which finally leads to the feeling of stress. What does mindfulness have to do with it? Very little, but also very much, because it can be a tool to help us lead a more relaxed life.

But wait - what is mindfulness, anyway?

Mindfulness is the conscious experience and perception of the current moment. With everything that belongs to it: thoughts, physical processes, emotions, sensory impressions - simply everything that happens around you and falls into your perception.

For me, mindfulness means first of all to (re)perceive the beauty of the moment. So to be with all senses, completely in the HERE and NOW. Exactly in this second - without any criticism, without any judgment - simply perceive: what do I feel, think and want.

 And yet this simple act of being present, of consciously pausing, is quite difficult. Maybe it has happened to you that you were on the phone and doing something else on the side, like checking your email or writing a shopping list. And suddenly you lost the thread of the conversation. Or you were driving to work and when you got there you couldn't remember which way you were going. Were the traffic lights red or green? You simply drove on "autopilot" and your mind was completely elsewhere.

 Our brain has this well set up, that it makes a habit out of everything we do more often. This relieves the brain and thus requires less energy. Let's take a closer look at this using the example of driving a car:

 Do you remember your first driving lesson? How you put your hands around the steering wheel and concentrated on the mechanics of driving? After a while you learned how to do that and you were able to let the car roll without consciously paying attention to your hands. You could even drive the car, talk, eat, listen to music at the same time, because you got used to it.

 Such habits are useful not only when driving, but also, for example, when learning a new language. But there are not only positive habits. I'm thinking, for example, of the cigarette after a good meal or the automatic trip to the refrigerator for a sweet. With mindfulness, such routines can be interrupted. We set ourselves a new impulse to become aware of our bad habits and then determine for ourselves whether we really need that bar of chocolate - or not.

How did you get the name BIO stefan?

Why actually BIO Stefan®? Our products are not BIO, and no Stefan works for us. And yet the name fits our company like no other. The story of how it came about goes like this: on that summer evening in 2019, not only Erwin and Andreas were sitting together, but also Stefan. Stefan provided us with valuable ideas in many areas and supported us from the beginning. And the ugly, smelly garbage can that bothered us so much back then was just a BIO garbage can. Almost simultaneously with the first product idea, the name was also born - BIO Stefan®.

And why should I do all this now? What's the point?

When you practice mindfulness, you can experience a whole range of noticeable life improvements.

Mindfulness can help you:

    cope with stressful situations in a calmer and more relaxed manner

    Don't put so much pressure and worry on yourself

    To experience your everyday life in a more focused and conscious way

    To concentrate better

    Improve your mood

    generally increase life satisfaction

    Save energy

How does it work?

When I eat, I eat. When I go for a walk, I go for a walk.

 So being mindful means feeling the quality of the moment. But don't get distracted by your thoughts when you think about how you are feeling right now in this moment. Register your feelings and sensations and then come back to the here and now with all your attention. Let's take a look at this with the example of going for a walk:

Not mindful walking:

You go for a walk in the forest in bright sunshine. While you are doing this, you think about your thoughts and review the past working day. It occurs to you that you absolutely must not forget to write that one important email. But actually you don't have the time to do it, because your day is full of meetings and it occurs to you that you haven't even informed Mr. XYZ that he should be at the meeting. Between all these thoughts your stomach growls because you are hungry, but you don't even notice it. You stop and want to write these two e-mails very briefly on your cell phone so that you don't forget them. But in the forest you have no reception. This annoys you very much and you speed up your steps to be back home as soon as possible so that you can still send these mails.

 Conclusion: You have walked a few steps in the fresh air, but you have not noticed anything of the warming sunrays on your skin, the singing birds and the fragrant flowers at the wayside.

This is what mindful walking can look like:

 You go for a walk in the forest in bright sunshine. You think about your thoughts and review the past working day. But you have learned to be mindful in the present moment and notice that you get lost in your thoughts and think about work instead of feeling the quality of the present moment. You take one deep breath in and out and notice your walk with all your senses. You feel the warming rays of the sun on your skin, listen to the singing of the birds and discover a few flowers along the way that exude a lovely scent. You feel your stomach growling. Take a seat on a bench and eat your snack with relish, which you have brought with you.

Our products are easy to assemble, resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain. In addition to the high demands on the products themselves, it is important to us to make the production sustainable. We have our products produced exclusively in the EU. In this way, we also want to make our contribution to protecting the climate and the environment. We also pay attention to bundled shipping and optimized logistics solutions. On the one hand, this is advantageous for our customers, on the other hand, it is also good for the environment and the climate.  

 Conclusion: After your walk you feel refreshed and strengthened for your further working day.


Source: https://www.ulrikevonseggern.com/blog/achtsamkeit

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