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Behind the scenes at BIO Stefan garbage can boxes

Behind the scenes at BIO Stefan garbage can boxes

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It was the year 2020. The hot summer and a year in one's own garden, without social contacts, the pandemic showed its effect unfiltered. Because activities in restaurants, bars, cinemas or other cultural institutions were generally limited, people were happy to escape to their own piece of green, alone, with their partner or with the whole family.
Online shopping became more, with daily delivery also the packaging waste, at the same time now generally more garbage was generated, which had to be disposed of at home. No problem - because the garbage cans were there anyway, waiting to be filled. Organic waste, residual waste, as well as the paper garbage can. In addition also still the one or other yellow bag in addition.
So correctly does not please us that, and the longer we look on it, the more becomes us conscious: it must be done what. As already mentioned in the last blog post(blog post on mindfulness), it is mindfulness, the conscious experience and perception of the current moment. And with everything that belongs to it: thoughts, physical processes, emotions, sensory impressions - simply everything that happens around you and falls into your perception, which leads us to recognize this so.
The whole garden design is nevertheless for the cat, if beside it dirty, ugly and unsightly garbage cans the own garden, the few green which one may call its own, disfigure.
fast falls the decision something in self-direction to build, something square timber, boards, screws and glaze, that must be sufficient nevertheless? Yes of course, it is enough, but in 2020 materials were not out of stock as in 2022, it was simply the construction market closed. There was no access to building materials for the end consumer.
Now another solution had to be found. Quickly started the Internet research on the subject of garbage can boxes: metal, wood, rattan, PVC, everything the heart desires is offered here and priced it also goes from to.
One thing is clear, we want to "hide" in it trash cans, disguise them and it is sufficient if the whole thing looks good, is functional, and does not create us additional work in the form of annual refurbishing with sandpaper, priming and painting. The logical choice goes in the direction of metal, ideally corrosion resistant, that is galvanized, powder coated and yet light. Visually appealing to have in any RAL color, the decision is quickly made.
It must be a BIO Stefan trash can box.
Why that and no other?
RAL7016 as a standard color tone fits perfectly into almost any situation in 2020 as well as 2022. The lid on top allows easy disposal of daily household waste. The chains with carabiners elegantly open the trash can lid in sync with the lid of the trash can box. The front door closes with the help of magnets after you roll out the trash can for weekly emptying.

Conclusion: BIO Stefan metal trash can boxes are elegant, aesthetic, corrosion resistant and robust, and there is something for every budget. Simply perfect 😊

BIO Stefan wishes everyone a wonderful Tuesday!!

Friendly strong greetings from the steel city wishes you the team of BIO Stefan.

Buy trash can boxes in the webshop at www.BIO-stefan.at ♻️♻️♻️

Easily organized with high-quality coated and elegant trash can linings 🇦🇹 from BIO Stefan 🏠🏡🏘♻️

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