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How amazingly simple and surefire the workplace becomes a place of well-being: 10 tips for a good mood by BIO Stefan

How amazingly simple and surefire the workplace becomes a place of well-being: 10 tips for a good mood by BIO Stefan

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A good start to the day at BIO Stefan means social media support, customer inquiries and feedback, and of course what is absolutely irresistible: the coffee!

Honestly, do you like it at work? Do you feel good? Do you leave the office every day with a big smile on your face, looking forward to your colleagues and the tasks ahead? Not every day will be like this, but the more often it can be, the better.

There are many factors that can spoil our everyday life and fun. Not only annoying colleagues are meant, it already starts when getting up: Alarm clock rings suddenly in deep sleep, milk is off, everything does not go as it should. So the day can start wrong right in your own 4 walls. The fewer of these days await us, the better, the more the worse.

Is it so? Then think of something super great!

10 amazingly efficient tips for better mood at work

  1. Ultimate color in the office

Design the walls, use accessories, green plants.

  1. Pleasant lighting

Bright is not good and ugly and disgusting light color should not be. Warm white is recommended here.

  1. Individual workplace design

Pictures, accessories that definitely make the workplace a place of well-being

  1. Small rituals

Coffee chat with Anna, dog walk with Dino, all rituals that sweeten our day - definite GO from us.

  1. Adjust working time and place

First to the bakery, then to work - flextime makes it possible. Make sure to arrange it, if work permits 😉

  1. Invite feedback

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you think your work is not valued? Get feedback and see where you stand.

  1. Networking with colleagues

People who feel good work better. It's easier in a team, so it's also easier to talk to your colleagues in the cafeteria.

  1. Take healthy snack

Pack your favorite food and your day will automatically be better. The anticipation convinces us every day anew 😊

  1. Beautify the way to work

Why always full throttle on the highway, memorable places, villages, country roads beautify our way to work. Even if it takes a little longer, it's better to take a winding route to work than to arrive waiting in a traffic jam.

  1. Plan something nice in the evening

Taking the kids to the park, going out for Italian food with your partner, or going for a run. All this sweetens the working day until the end of the working day.


As much as we love going to work, we love going home. We're happy to help you make a lasting improvement to your workday.

BIO Stefan wishes everyone a Thursday😇

Friendly strong greetings from the steel city wishes you the team of BIO Stefan.

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