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The most common reasons for an accident at work - you won't believe it!

The most common reasons for an accident at work - you won't believe it!

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Industrial accident and BIO Stefan? What it has to do with it, we like to treat in this blog post. Basically, we and our beloved customers build BIO Stefan in their free time, so there is rarely any talk of an accident at work. But shouldn't the safety requirements in the working environment be the same as in private life? We are of the opinion that also private handicraft activities must be protected, and find that it is here at the time of day to create clarification and to sensitize.

In general, it can be said that unsafe behavior and behavioral errors in general entail risks for all parties involved.

According to analyses by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), these are even the most accident-prone causes.

The fact is that in 9 out of 10 cases, behavioral errors are even (!) the main cause of
work accidents - including accidents with fatal consequences.

The causes seem banal and unspectacular
1. Stumbling, slipping or falling (SRS accidents)
Accidents due to stumbling, slipping and falling (SRS accidents) are at the top of the list of causes of accidents, accounting for 34.7 % of all occupational accidents.
2. Operating tools and machines incorrectly
Cutting, hammering, drilling: Every do-it-yourselfer thinks these activities are an easy
exercise. In fact, it is precisely these activities - namely the handling of tools and hand machines - that lead to occupational accidents the second most frequently.
3. Disregarding safety regulations
According to the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA), 39.4 % of all fatal occupational accidents are caused at least in part by the omitted, improper or unauthorized use of work equipment. This often happens wantonly, e.g. when employees deactivate protective devices, maintain a machine running
or do not use the required PPE.
4. Lack of experience
Young people up to 25 years of age are involved in occupational accidents about twice as often as the other adults - and this regardless of which other factors play a role.
tors. This can be explained by more than just the proverbial "youthful recklessness."
5. Routine
The risk of a fatal occupational accident is also higher than average in the 45 to 54 age group. And from the age of 55, the risk of such a fatal accident is higher than ever in working life.
This is because carelessness often creeps in over time.
6. When the fish stinks from the head
Particularly in smaller companies, safety awareness is not always as pronounced as it should be among many of those involved
. In other words, often not enough time, money and "manpower" is invested in occupational safety. This is clearly reflected in the accident figures.
This is fatal, because it is precisely companies with few employees that are worst able to cope with the sudden loss of an employee. Even a single occupational accident can
lead to a considerable economic burden for the company.

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