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We donate for UKRAINE -1 % from our sales - starting now! #standwithukraine

We donate for UKRAINE -1 % from our sales - starting now! #standwithukraine

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Dear BIO Stefan supporters, customers or business partners.

In the past few days, we have all been shocked to see the terrible and worrying images triggered by Putin's Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Until a few weeks ago, the word war was a term of history for us and the opportunity to say: we have learned from our mistakes and now stand for a peaceful Europe. Conflicts can be eliminated without hatchets, including this Ukraine conflict.
Unfortunately, we have now been taught otherwise and the war in Ukraine is now a reality.

Humanity, solidarity and compassion are now our chance to make a valuable contribution in Ukraine.
We at BIO Stefan believe that together we can achieve more than any individual - together we are strong!

That's why we at BIO Stefan decided to take a small step to make something big out of it and donate 1% of our sales to the organization Caritas International with the donation purpose "Emergency aid Ukraine war" from now on.

Furthermore, we appeal to companies that read this ad to also do something for the welfare of our fellow men in Ukraine, who currently experience an everyday life that resembles a nightmare.

This is about the lives of 7.5 million families with their children, who deserve a life in peace! Together we can alleviate the suffering in the Ukraine conflict. We donate directly to Caritas International, without delay to enable much needed help!
#standwithukraine 💙💛