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Four wins - big, magnificent, strong and versatile - BIO Stefan 4er 240l garbage can box.

Four wins - big, magnificent, strong and versatile - BIO Stefan 4er 240l garbage can box.

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Since it was still compact and discreet, in 4x version so last week the focus was on the variant 4-120 (here to the blog post quattro stagione for all of us)

Today we turn to its big brother, the 4-240 BIO Stefan garbage can box variant.

Steely, magnificent, visually appealing but also functional. BIO Stefan declares war on the chaos and the sight of garbage can boxes and yellow bags standing around freely and wildly! Together we are strong!

Many thanks to Dagmar for sending the magnificent photos and the nice feedback. We at BIO Stefan are happy for every customer who is satisfied and through BIO Stefan can look forward to an everyday life without the sight of ugly garbage can boxes. Isn't this a wonderful interplay of orderly paving stones, lawn landscape, and modern buildings, in which the BIO Stefan garbage can box fits in? We think so and can only answer this question with a YES! :)

It can already be seen in many previous articles that many customers are opting for the 240l variant, for example in Kronstorf in Upper Austria(click here for news article) or Lassee(and here for article about Lassee) as well as from Lower Austria to Brunn am Gebirge and Salzburg(click for article).

This time placed in an exposed position directly on the street, the BIO Stefan metal trash can box defies wind and weather, both the comprehensive cladding of all sides (including back!) and the anchoring in the ground by means of BIO Stefan anchor bolts ensure a long-term safe stand in any constellation.

But where do we enchant customers most often? A prime example is the Styrian Enns Valley and the cooperation with a very well-known developer. More about this in the topical blog post, click in ->. How in the Styrian Enns Valley with BIO Stefan the everyday life is enchanted we show you today!

The most practical solution is a noble BIO Stefan trash can box. Due to the visually appealing but simple design and the robust material, the BIO Stefan made of metal is of course also made to stand outdoors. 

Where can I buy a trash can box online for cheap?

The BIO Stefan garbage can box you can order here online. Fast and quickly delivered. It is easy to assemble and enriches the look of your property. The beautification for your trash cans.

What colors are offered at BIO Stefan garbage can lining?

The delivered color is RAL 7016. Due to a slight hammered effect, the surfaces of the BIO Stefan are less maintenance-intensive and always look TOP-cleaned. For this reason, the original BIO Stefan is always available in RAL 7016. Alternatively in silver, black and light gray!!!


The BIO Stefan team wishes you much success and fun in the shopping experience and is happy to advise you in the selection of the appropriate elegant trash can lining, from BIO Stefan from Austria! Buy garbage can boxes, directly on www.bio-stefan.at