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just put it down and you're done?

just put it down and you're done?

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Yes,... almost :). The garbage can box is delivered in a cardboard box as a kit (disassembled) for easy self-assembly. This cardboard box is then to be disposed of as waste paper.
you can find the assembly instructions here: 

Download section:


Please check the trash can box for scratches and damage BEFORE assembly! After assembly, complaints regarding scratches and dents are no longer possible.

To achieve rapid success, BIO Stefan swears by a daily morning routine. How does it work? Click through the latest blogpost on the topic of morning routine with and at BIO Stefan.

But one thing you are sure of: the sense of achievement after successful assembly :)



Conclusion: BIO Stefan metal trash can boxes are elegant, aesthetic, corrosion-resistant and robust, and there is something for every budget. Simply perfect 😊


BIO Stefan wishes everyone a wonderful Wednesday week divider!!!

Friendly strong greetings from the steel city wishes you the team of BIO Stefan.

Buy trash can boxes in the webshop at www.BIO-stefan.at ♻️♻️♻️

Easily organized with high-quality coated and elegant trash can linings 🇦🇹 from BIO Stefan 🏠🏡🏘♻️

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