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Parcel box

Parcel box
Parcel box
Parcel box BIO Stefan light gray 7035
Temporary storage for packages
from €1,078.00

Elegant parcel box as a "temporary storage".

Parcel box BIO Stefan

Trash can box as parcel box

They are elegant, can be individually adapted to your own wishes and you can expand them at any time. The trash can boxes from BIO STEFAN can also be used for other purposes, for example as a parcel box. They find a place everywhere, for example directly in front of the house, in the front garden, in the garage driveway or under the carport. If your parcel delivery people have access to these areas, then the parcel box is a very good thing for anyone who regularly receives parcels. The parcel delivery person simply puts the parcels inside where they can be kept safe from the weather.

Parcel box - for those who are rarely at home

Who hasn't experienced this: You order goods on the Internet, they arrive with the parcel service, but because you are not at home, a notification card is thrown into the mailbox. This is annoying, because then you have to pick up the package or have it delivered again. This also means extra work and more time for the parcel carrier. The solution: the parcel box! You can use our garbage can box for another purpose. The parcel carrier only needs a parking permit from you and can then simply deliver the parcels in the parcel box in the future. The upper lid can be opened, the packages can be inserted here. Since the front door is lockable, only you can easily access the parcels. The parcels are kept safe from the weather in the parcel box - a win-win situation that only benefits everyone involved.

Combine parcel box with garbage box

Unless you buy half the Internet empty, one parcel box should actually be enough. If not - perhaps because you have a small business - you can of course make several boxes to the parcel box. We at BIO STEFAN offer 1-boxes as well as 6-boxes. This means that you can choose how many boxes you need. So the parcel box can also be combined with a garbage box. And if you need more space, the boxes can be expanded at any time. Come to our store right now and design your parcel box as you like - a practical storage that also convinces visually.