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Mad Max athmospheric in the Speckgürtel of Linz - is about white aluminum the new anthracite? :)

Mad Max athmospheric in the Speckgürtel of Linz - is about white aluminum the new anthracite? :)

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From previous articles we know that anthracite 7016 is probably THE long runner! Let's disabuse ourselves and look at this gem in RAL color9006 - white aluminum.

This time the Mad Max characteristic scenery extends over the Speckgürtel of Linz! All around everything is under construction, BIO Stefan steely faces its new tasks: to transform unsightly garbage can places into attractive and valuable places!!! The BIO Stefan garbage can boxes owners as well as neighbors can not avert their eyes and wonder about the extreme improvement of the situation and this inviting sight!!!

Often the product BIO Stefan, the customer service and the web presence are praised, but also often we receive the questions whether and how the boxes should be placed best and which variants fit best.

The most practical solution is a noble BIO Stefan trash can box. Due to the visually appealing but simple design and the robust material, the BIO Stefan made of metal is of course also made to stand outdoors. 

But what really determines the suitability of BIO Stefan for your requirements? Whether front garden or driveway, BIO Stefan convinces in both variants. Read more about it in the brand-new blogpost, see for yourself and click your way in -> Front garden or driveway, detached house or terraced house - the appealing BIO Stefan look decides!

Can I convince myself of the BIO Stefan quality somewhere?

Visit us from the beginning of March 2022 in our new showroom in 4063 Hörsching. Please register in advance for the visit by mail or phone.


The BIO Stefan team wishes you much success and fun in the shopping experience and is happy to advise you in the selection of the appropriate elegant trash can lining, from BIO Stefan from Austria! Buy garbage can boxes, directly on www.bio-stefan.at


 BIO Stefan wishes everyone a wonderful Friday and a relaxing weekend😇

Friendly strong greetings from the steel city wishes you the team of BIO Stefan.

Buy trash can boxes in the webshop at www.BIO-stefan.at ♻️♻️♻️

Easily organized with high-quality coated and elegant trash can linings 🇦🇹 from BIO Stefan 🏠🏡🏘♻️

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