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BIO Stefan garbage can linings: hard facts

BIO Stefan garbage can linings: hard facts

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BIO Stefan metal trash can boxes are probably the most noble variant for trash can boxes.

Homeowners with a garden, living in an upscale residential area, like to use garbage boxes from BIO Stefan. BIO Stefan gives the property a tasteful, exclusive ambience and complements the often decorative facade of the house. A metal trash can box for the usual trash cans of any household also fits perfectly with the modern architecture in the garden. In almost every size category, weatherproof as well as in a sophisticated design and size combination, the BIO Stefan metal trash can box is offered in the BIO Stefan online store. Shipping is possible almost all over Europe.

With a BIO Stefan metal trash can box, you as a homeowner have a clean, easy-to-clean and durable trash can cover as your faithful companion. The trash can box can be wiped out wet or simply hosed down with a garden hose. The size in liters of the garbage cans also determines the size in liters of the BIO Stefan garbage can boxes. For conventional households, garbage cans are offered in 120 liters and 240 liters. Accordingly large are then also the garbage can boxes for one, two or three tons from the store. The dustbin box from BIO Stefan is made entirely of metal. The metal trash can box is offered for sale with hinged lid with gas pressure dampers for easy handling in the BIO Stefan online store. With the help of the gas pressure dampers and the push to open principle, it is ideal to get to your own garbage can, even if you have your hands full.


The BIO Stefan team wishes you much success and fun in the shopping experience and is happy to advise you in the selection of the appropriate elegant trash can lining, from BIO Stefan from Austria! Buy garbage can boxes, directly on www.bio-stefan.at


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