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Sustainability and long-term strategies - BIO Stefan in cooperation with developers

Sustainability and long-term strategies - BIO Stefan in cooperation with developers

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Daily top performance of all our BIO Stefan employees enables to make impossible things possible. Today we would like to share with you another milestone we have reached.

We celebrate the cooperation with a well-known developer of Austria serving the entire west, including Salzburg, Tyrol and parts of Styria. The equipment of all built row houses as well as multi-party houses with BIO Stefan garbage can boxes is promoted and increases the optical as well as qualitative claim to modern residential architecture and urban zones.

With the support of all our creative employees, we offer a service in e-commerce that convinces customers on both an ecological and economic level. We live sustainability in the form of long-term strategies and prefer this to the usual quick wins. The growing interlinking of global value chains is also giving rise to greater joint responsibility on the part of us as clients. Sustainable corporate management is becoming increasingly relevant to the awarding of contracts and spurs us on to become better every day!

The quality of the products and the guarantee of the highest standards shall continue to distinguish BIO Stefan from competitors. We live for our customers and our customers are satisfied, which is illustrated by the return rates, which are close to 0.

Read more in the new news blog post on www.bio-stefan.at in the news section.

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BIO Stefan wishes everyone a wonderful start to the week😇

Friendly strong greetings from the steel city wishes you the team of BIO Stefan.

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